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Vietnam War: CIA

CIA Vietnam Histories

Available from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Library, Electronic Reading Room, six volumes of declassified histories describe the CIA's role in Indochina during the Vietnam War. These histories, written by Thomas L. Ahern, Jr., are based on extensive research in CIA records and on oral history interviews of participants.

CIA Vietnam Histories

Visit the website to view pdf files of the full documents listed below.

Document List: 

CIA and the Generals: Covert Support to Military Government in South Vietnam

CIA and the House of Ngo: Covert Action in South Vietnam, 1954-63

CIA and the Rural Pacification of South Vietnam

Good Questions, Wrong Answers: CIA’s Estimates of Arms Traffic Through Sihanoukville, Cambodia, During the Vietnam War

The Way We Do Things: Black Entry Operations into North Vietnam

Undercover Armies: CIA and Surrogate Warfare in Laos


From the CIA Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room, a 195-page report from 1961 is available:

Report on General Taylor's Mission to South Vietnam

CIA Vietnam Collection

A large collection of declassified documents on the Vietnam War are available on the CIA Library website and are searchable.

CIA Vietnam Collection 

Some of these documents were published as books by the National Intelligence Council and are available at CARL:

CARL Home Page