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Russia: Books

April 2022

Theses & Reports

Defence Intelligence Agency 2017 Russia Military Power Report

US-Russian cooperation in the Post-Cold War environment

Fear, honor, interest: an analysis of Russia's operations in the near abroad (2007-2014)

Russian weaponization of information and influence in the Baltic States

Hybrid warfare: the 21st century Russian way of warfare

Hybrid warfare: how to shape special operations forces

Little masquerade: Russia's evolving employment of Maskirovka

Deterrence in the human domain: a COIN framework to deterring unconventional warfare in shaping operations

Putin's political philosophy: implications for future Russian military activity

Threat analysis on Russian use of low yield battlefield nuclear weapons.

How the United States can exploit the Sino-Russian relationship to gain a strategic advantage in the mid-twentieth-first century.

Ending the war: considering war termination in a conflict with Russia.


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