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Russia: Ukraine

April 2022

Invasion of Ukraine

Links and documents regarding the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Papers and Articles

European deterrence for European assurance: the United States and Russian adventurism in the Crimea.

 Hybrid warfare: the 21st century Russian way of warfare.

 Little masquerade: Russia's evolving employment of Maskirovka.

Binary thinking in a complex world: the failure of NATO deterrence since 1994 and implications for the NATO readiness action plan.

 Reforming the Ukrainian Armed Forces on a budget.

 Contemporary deterrence on NATO’s eastern front.

Advent of the Russian Special Operations Command

From Tukhachevskii to Gerasimov: the evolution of the Russian way of warfare into the information age

Russia, NATO, and Black Sea Security RAND Report

House of Commons Defence Committee Russia and Ukraine border Tensions

Russian Military Mobilization on Ukraine’s Borders and in Occupied Crimea CRS Report

The Breach: Ukraine’s Territorial Integrity and the Budapest Memorandum Wilson Center

Deep operations : theoretical approaches to fighting deep.

Air defense integration and interoperability challenges within the NATO alliance.

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