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Russia: Cyber Security, Espionage, and Information Warfare

April 2022

Papers and Articles

Ignoring a revolution in military affairs: the need to create a separate branch of the Armed Forces for cyber warfare

Impact of alleged Russian cyber attacks.

Cyberwarfare and operational art.

 Do the principles of war apply to cyber war?

 Cyber attacks, attribution, and deterrence: three case studies.

 Making sense of the senseless: war in the postmodern era.

Fighting for intelligence: preparing division intelligence operations for large scale combat.

Advent of the Russian Special Operations Command

Securing U.S. Elections Against Cyber Threats RAND Report

From Consensus to Conflict: Understanding Foreign Measures Targeting U.S. Elections RAND Report

RAND's Scalable Warning and Resilience Model (SWARM) RAND Report

Russian military deception post-Soviet Union.

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