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History of Army Officer Education: Major Army Studies

created May 2019

All of these studies are available full-text online and are approved for public release.

Report of War Department Military Education Board on Education System for Officers of the Army (Gerow Board)-1946

Report of the Department of the Army Board on Educational System for Officers (Eddy Board)-(1949)

Report of the Department of the Army Officer Education and Training Review Board (Williams Board) -(1958)

Report of the Department of the Army Board to Review of Army Officer Schools (Haines Board)

Study on Military Professionalism (1970)

Department of the Army Ad Hoc Committee Report on the Army Need for the Study of Military History

Review of Army Officer Education Systems (Norris Review)

Leadership for the 1970's (Army War College)

Review of Education adn Training for Officers (RETO or Harrison Board)

Final Report: Army Staff College Level Training Study (1983)-- by COL Huba Wass de Czege.  Annex F of this report, "CGSC Advanced Studies Program", provided the frame work for the creation of the School of Advanced Military Studies.

Professional Development of Officers Study (PDOS)

Officer Personnel Management System XXI Task Force (OPMS XXI) 1997

The Army Training and Leader Development Panel Report (ATLDP)

Leadership Lessons at Division Command Level -2004 (Army War College, Ulmer Report)

Report of the Panel on Military Education of the One Hundredth Congress of the Committee on Armed Services.  House of Representatives.  101st Congress. 1st Session.  Washington, DC: GPO (1989)

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