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About CARL

July 2020

First Floor - Conversational and sometimes loud

CARL entries, circulation desk, reference desk, children's library & computer area are very busy, and the nature of work conducted by staff and library users often creates need for conversation.  Normal conversational levels are allowed in these areas.  Library users who need a quiet space for study should go to other areas of the library.

CARL is also the MWR library for Fort Leavenworth, which means it supports community programs for members of the Armed Forces, their families, and veteran retirees.  When the library hosts an event the first floor can get loud.  CARL will post its events to its event calendar and Facebook.  Library staff will announce over the PA system, 10-15 minutes before the event, that it will start to get loud on the first floor.  

Second Floor - Quiet Study

When you need space for quiet, individual work - the 2nd floor of the library is equipped with study tables with electrical outlets for your laptops.

General Noise Guidelines:

-  Be considerate of others.  

-  Laptop computers and library computers may be operated, but all sound or audio features must be turned off or earphones used.  Video Chat is not permitted unless in a study room.

-  Cell phones should be turned to vibrate, silent or off.  If you must use your cell phone to make or receive a phone call while in the library, you are encouraged to do so in the 1st floor lobby area or go outside.  

-  Talking should be kept at a normal level.

-  Individuals collaborating in study rooms should keep the door shut in order to contain any noise.





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