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About CARL

July 2020

Individual Study Rooms

  Study rooms (1st floor) - C126, C127, C128, C129

  Study rooms (3rd floor)* - C303, C304

*SECURITY INTERVIEWS should be scheduled in one of the 3rd floor study rooms

Go to the room reservation calendar to reserve


Group Meeting Rooms

  Room 131 (1st floor)

  • This room is equipped with NIPR & Commercial computers, TV and VTC

- VTCs must be scheduled through CGSC

  Charles Young Room (2nd floor)

  • The Charles Young Room is an open room, but the room may be reserved for a group function, in which case you may be asked to leave
  • This room is equipped with a mobile white board

Go to the room reservation calendar to reserve a room


Study Carrels - 2nd floor

Study carrels on the second floor of the library are reserved for the Advanced Military Studies Program students (AMSP aka SAMS), the Advanced Strategic Leadership Studies Program students (ASLSP) and the CGSC Scholar Program (R600).  The administrators of each of these programs manage the carrels, the CARL does not manage the carrels.

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