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UFMCS: Enroll / Register

Registering for a Course

All UFMCS courses are taught at the graduate level in a seminar style. Prospective Red Teamers meet in the classroom for 4 hours a day and prepare for the next day (i.e., homework, reading, etc…) in the afternoons.

ATRRS Course Catalog provides information. 

  1. Search the ATRRS Course Catalog. Click Here:
  2. Select a Fiscal Year, i.e., 2019.
  3. Select the School Code: 159 (UFMCS). 
  4. Click Search the ATRRS course catalog button near the bottom.

Select a UFMCS course (table).

Please contact UFMCS Operations at (913) 684 - 4336 / 4323 for assistance.

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