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UFMCS: Mission of UFMCS


The UFMCS mission is to develop Army leaders who are agile, adaptive critical thinkers, and who operate effectively in complex and rapidly changing operation environments.  

The mission of the UFMCS is multidimensional: 

  • UFMCS provides functional training for ASIs 7G and 7J - Red Team leaders and members.
  • UFMCS, in concert with Army University provides Applied Critical Thinking (ACT) and Groupthink Mitigation (GTM) education across all Army Centers and Schools.
  • UFMCS provides tailored programs of education or problem facilitation to operational units associated with training or pre-deployment.
  • UFMCS supports combat development and 2025 conceptualization with education and facilitation.
  • UFMCS engages with organizations external to the Army as an engine for continued innovation across the cognitive dominance domain.
  • UFMCS serves as the Executive Agent for the Army proponent for Red Teaming and serves as a repository of tools and best practices for Red Teaming across the DoD
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