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Book Turn-In: Home

Procedures for Returning Library Materials

General Guidelines:

  • Library staff is available to help guide you in the return of materials. Don't be afraid to ask questions!
  • The outside book drop will continue to be locked in order to prevent exposure and the overloading and damaging of its interior cart.
  • You are required to wear masks or cloth facial coverings when returning library materials.
  • You are to remove (1) tabs and other markings found on book pages and (2) “dog ears” (i.e., the folded down corners of book pages).
  • You are to unload and place books, DVDs, audio books, and games on designated carts.
  • If you have a small number of books to return, CARL can usually clear them on the spot after the books have been checked in. However, if you have a large number of book to return, you might be asked to leave your books at CARL and call back the next day for a status update concerning those books.
  • You will be notified if you have any library materials that remain checked out.
  • Patrons no longer at Fort Leavenworth (e.g., a student approved to go home on an exception to policy) are to mail their materials back to the library. CARL's mailing address can be found at the library's Contact Us LibGuide. (Note: There might be a delay in CARL receiving and processing your materials during the COVID-19 pandemic.)  
  • Returned library material are required to spend 72 hours in quarantine before they are available for checkout.

Book Turn-In / Out-Processing - CGSOC

Book Turn-In / Out-Processing 

  • June 3-5, Wed-Fri, 1000-1600

In an effort to make the CGSOC book return / out-processing easier to manage, students will now enter through CARL's handicap door that is located at the (north side) main entrance, check in their materials, get cleared in the Installation Support Module (ISM), and then leave through the main entrance's eastern-most door (see the layout to the right). 

This change in location will allow CARL to control patron traffic better, alleviate traffic at the back dock (which will no longer be used for book return purposes), and eliminate the possibility of a patron falling off the back dock.

If there are issues with replacements or lost items, students can move directly to the Circulation desk.

If necessary, students will be able to clear at a later date through ISM either onsite or via phone (758-3001) once ALL their library materials have been accounted for.


***CGSOC students are allowed to return all materials they have checked out of the library at the scheduled times above, to include children’s books and DVDs. 


***Art of War Scholar students will be allowed to retrieve personal belongings from their respective carrels between the hours of 0900-1500. No appointment is necessary although it is advisable to call ahead first to confirm CARL's staff availability. Only five students will be allowed in the carrels at one time. After students have gathered their personal belongings, anything remaining becomes property of CARL.  


***CGSOC students--to include those who are transitioning to SAMS for Academic Year 2020-2021--are to return all library materials by June 5 in order to completely outprocess by graduation (i.e., June 12).

Book Turn-in - Fort Leavenworth Community

Ft. Leavenworth Community

Will take place June 9-12, Tues-Fri, 1300-1500. More information to follow.

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