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Finding Resources: Selecting a Topic

July 2020

Bibliographies identify sources on a subject and can be very helpful and time-saving when doing research.   

TIP - Reading a broad summary of your subject enables you to get an overview of the topic.

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300   Social Sciences, sociology and anthropology

  • 303     Social processes
  • 306     Sociology, Military
  • 327     International relations

355   Military Science 

  • 356      Foot forces and warfare
  • 357      Mounted forces and warfare
  • 358      Air and other specialized forces and warfare; engineering and related services
  • 359      Sea forces and warfare

940   History of Europe

  • 940.3 - 940.499        World War I          
  • 940.53 - 940.5499    World War II       

950   History of Asia

  • 951.9042       Korean War           
  • 959.7043       Vietnam War         
  • 956.704          Persian Gulf War   

970   History of N. America

  • 973.7              Civil War             


Finding Topic Ideas

Try the resources below to help you get ideas for possible research topics:

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