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Finding Military Publications: Finding Doctrine at the ISCARL

Military Publications

The ISCARL has a large collection of obsolete publications to include: ARs, ARTEPS, DA PAMs, FMs, TCs, TMs, STPs, and many others in a variety of formats. Some are digitized as part of our Obsolete Military Manuals Collection.

NOTE: Most of the ISCARL’s current and obsolete publications are located in Archives and Special Collections. Digital versions are available for some, but not all, of these manuals. Obsolete Doctrine that exist in print format are unavailable for checkout and must be used “in-house” at the discretion of ISCARL Archives and Documents staff. Some current doctrinal publications are available for checkout at the discretion of ISCARL Documents staff.

Pubs - ISCARL Catalog

You can find some current and obsolete publications in digitized, print, and microfiche format by searching through the ISCARL Catalog. Listed below are some search tips for the ISCARL Catalog.

  • It is usually best to perform an alphabetical title search for the doctrine you’re looking for.
  • When searching for Army Doctrinal Publications, it is best to search for them by their numbers and abbreviations. For example, if you want to find the obsolete Army Regulation “AR 200-3, Natural Resources—Land, Forest and Wildlife Management”, try typing in: AR 200-3. You can also try typing in AR200-3 (some of our doctrinal records have a space between the letters and numbers and some do not; as is the case with this AR).
  • To search for Field Manuals, it is best to start with the letters FM. For example, if you’re looking for the obsolete Field Manual “FM 20-20, Basic Training and Care of Military Dogs”, try typing in “FM 20-20”.
  • To search for Department of the Army Pamphlets, search alphabetically for DAPAM or DA PAM.
  • Note that not all of ISCARL’s obsolete publications are listed in the ISCARL Catalog or the ISCARL Digital Library. Remember that you can always ask one of the ISCARL Reference Librarians for assistance.

Pubs - Digital Library

The ISCARL's Obsolete Military Manuals collection has a number of digitized FMs, ARs, and DAPAMS.

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