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CARL: Request a purchase / Replace lost


Requests Library Materials

The CARL accepts patron requests for books, DVDs, audio books, video games, and e-books.

All requests are reviewed and evaluated for relevance to our collections, cost, and suitability for our patrons. If we choose not to or are unable to purchase a request, you will be notified.

  • Check the library's online catalog. If we already own the item, we will not purchase a second copy, unless it is a new/different edition.
  • If you only need the item temporarily, consider making an interlibrary loan request.
    • This option is useful if you want to use the material for your own research. As a faculty member, If the item would be essential to your class and for the students' learning experience, we would prefer to purchase it for our collection.
  • Give us as much information as possible.
    • Include the complete title, author, and ISBN. Additional information, like the publisher, edition, or year, is also very useful.
    • Include any other information, like the URL, a copy of the catalog or flyer in which the item is listed, or anything else that may help identify the correct item.

Is there an item you think belongs in our collection that we don’t have?  Do we not have the newest book by your favorite author?  Submit a request now with our Patron Request Form! 


Replacement Policy - Lost or Damaged Library Materials 

The CARL is responsible for managing a collection of Army owned materials and must provide an incentive for borrowers to return or renew materials before the due date.  All library patrons are responsible for the loss or damage of materials they have borrowed and will be held responsible to replace the item(s) at their expense.


Course Materials Requests

For a new curriculum and course materials request, fill out the Course Materials Request Form.  All requests require at least 6-8 weeks to purchase, so please allow an appropriate amount of time when requesting new materials.  After obtaining a Director, Deputy, or Editor's approval and signature, please email the completed form to the Acquisitions Supervisor at 

For an annual review of the items on your Course Reserve to make sure all materials are up to date, please see the Circulation desk for more information.


Subscription Resources

In addition to one-time purchases, the library makes every effort to maintain resource subscriptions needed for research and instruction. Subscription resources are paid for annually, such as journals and databases. As needs change, subscriptions may be updated or cancelled in order to subscribe to other resources.  

Patrons should use the Periodical Request Form to submit requests for new print journals, magazines, and newspapers for CARL to review for purchase.  

Patrons should use the Electronic Resources Request Form to submit requests for new databases and other electronic resources for CARL to review for purchase.  

Some of these requests may not be feasible due to funding constraints or acquisition timelines, but all will be reviewed.


Reconsideration Policy

The materials and resources provided by the CARL are selected in accordance with our Collection Development Policy and other guidelines from the Director and CGSC.  It is the library’s responsibility to ensure that different points of view are represented in the collections.  A formal request for reconsideration can be submitted to the Acquisitions Librarian using the Materials Reconsideration Form.

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