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CARL: General Rules



CARL has rules and guidelines to protect all who use the library. Library staff may require a patron to leave the premises, call the police or bar a patron from the library for noncompliance.


CARL is committed to maintaining a safe and civil learning environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, and to create a setting that promotes study, research, and scholarly interaction.

The Code of Conduct applies to all users of the CARL, including students, faculty, staff and visitors.

CARL reserves the right to revoke all library privileges to violators of the Code of Conduct.

CARL's building and collections are to be respected and protected at all times. Vandalism, or the willful destruction of any library property or equipment, is prohibited.


Alcohol or illegal drugs may not be brought into the library, nor may persons under the influence of either use the library.


Only animals trained to assist disabled individuals are permitted in the library.

Closing Time:

Please leave the library promptly at closing time.

Computer Use:

Users of the Library's general computers may not send, receive, or display text or graphics that may be construed as obscene under Section 2907.32 of the Ohio Revised Code. Using images, including computer images, to harass other users or library employees, especially after a request to stop has been made, may constitute sexual harassment and will be handled by the appropriate enforcement authority. Child pornography is not protected under the first amendment. Any user accessing child pornography will be asked to exit the computer program and will be reported to proper law enforcement authorities.

Disorderly Conduct:

Disorderly conduct is not acceptable. Disorderly conduct is (1) brawling or fighting; (2) disturbing an assembly; or (3) engaging in offensive, obscene, abusive, boisterous, harassing, or noisy actions or using offensive, obscene, or abusive language which may harass or arouse alarm, anger, or resentment in others.


When visiting the Library, shirts, blouses, shoes, and other appropriate attire must be worn. Persons who violate these rules may be removed from the Library or referred to Student Affairs.


When the alarm sounds, please follow staff directions promptly.


Offensive or abusive language is not acceptable.


For the safety of all patrons, please do not run in the library.

Skateboards and In-Line Skates:

Carry skateboards and remove skates while in the library.


Vaping is not permitted in the Library.


In compliance with the CGSC’s Tobacco Free Campus Policy, the use of any tobacco product is prohibited in the Library. This includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chew, pipes, cigars, hookah or water pipe smoking, snuff, and snus.

Staff Areas:

The public is not permitted behind the circulation desk or in other non-public areas.

Theft/Damage to Property:

Persons intentionally damaging and/or defaces materials, furnishings, equipment or premises, or attempts theft, the library reserves the right to bar them from the facility and the Fort Leavenworth Military Police will be called. Clipping coupons, cutting articles out of magazines, removing pages from any books or magazines, hacking or altering computer settings, writing on, scratching or in any way damaging materials, furniture, or premises are included in this policy.

Food & Drink

Food: Sandwiches and meals that require utensils to eat are allowed ONLY at study tables or carrels.  Handheld snacks are allowed anywhere else EXCEPT in or around the following areas:

-  Archives and Special Collections

-  Library computers

-  Photocopiers

-  Microforms

Beverages: Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted that can be re-closed (screw top) or in other spill resistant containers (e.g., travel mugs, sports bottles, or water bottles).

Vending Machines:  There are vending machines located in the main lobby area of the 1st floor and on the 2nd floor at the top of the stairs in the alcove to your right. 

Dispose of everything properly: Place garbage in trash cans.

Leave no trace: Please leave library furnishings and resources in the same condition as you found them. Wipe up spills (all restrooms have paper towels).  Report any spills or trash to library staff as soon as possible.

Note: Library personnel reserve the right to ask anyone to remove inappropriate food and drink from the library. Repeat offenders may lose library privileges.

Why do we have these restrictions?

-  To protect the collection and equipment.

-  To prevent infestation of bugs, mice, and other pests.

-  To keep floors and furnishings in good condition.


-  Pick up after yourself – take out what you bring in.

-  Report spills promptly to library staff.

-  Be respectful of your fellow students and leave your study area clean for the next person.


First Floor - Conversational and sometimes loud

CARL entries, circulation desk, reference desk, children's library & computer area are very busy, and the nature of work conducted by staff and library users often creates need for conversation.  Normal conversational levels are allowed in these areas.  Library users who need a quiet space for study should go to other areas of the library.

CARL is also the Community Library for Fort Leavenworth, which means it supports community programs for members of the Armed Forces, their families, and veteran retirees.  When the library hosts an event the first floor can get loud.  CARL will post its events to its event calendar and Facebook.  Library staff will announce over the PA system, 10-15 minutes before the event, that it will start to get loud on the first floor.  

Second Floor - Quiet Study

When you need space for quiet, individual work - the 2nd floor of the library is equipped with study tables with electrical outlets for your laptops.

General Noise Guidelines:

-  Be considerate of others.  

-  Laptop computers and library computers may be operated, but all sound or audio features must be turned off or earphones used.  Video Chat is not permitted unless in a study room.

-  Cell phones should be turned to vibrate, silent or off.  If you must use your cell phone to make or receive a phone call while in the library, you are encouraged to do so in the 1st floor lobby area or go outside.  

-  Talking should be kept at a normal level.

-  Individuals collaborating in study rooms should keep the door shut in order to contain any noise.

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